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Issue: # 101

August 7, 2020 







Sizzling Summer



As usual The Vines Summer "feels like" temperatures of 100+ degrees on most days. As we write this edition it looks like we've missed tropical storm Isaias and keeping our fingers crossed that we get through the hurricane season...unscathed.

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On Monday July 27, 2020 the Board took several actions.

Lake Bank Erosion

The VCA signed a contract with Copeland Management to begin the process of shoring up and reclaiming lake banks throughout the Community. If our reserves hold up through the Summer (sans hurricanes) the process will begin throughout Lost Creek during the 2021 dry season. Rather than placing riprap the process includes some dredging which pulls material from the lake on top of a fabric layer made from coconut husk and topped with sod. The Lake Bank committee visited several sites to see the process in action and to see how it holds up after several years, and we were impressed with the long-term results. Over the next several years, as reserves are built, it is expected we can continue the process throughout the community.

Architectural Requests

The Board approved several Architectural Requests including new roofs, generators, repaintings, lanai extensions, landscape improvements, shutters and awnings.

 A new shorter document containing a review of Architectural guidelines and will be distributed to all Vintage Trace Owners and new buying prospects, to be sure they understand their obligations under the VCA rules.

Cane Toads

Cane Toads continue to be a problem throughout SWFL. The VCA contracted with Pesky Varmints for a one-time treatment throughout the community. Results were mixed and somewhat disappointing. The contract is not likely to be repeated.



The VCA website will be upgraded in the next few months. The current website was developed back in 2008 and has fallen behind new technology. It is not ADA compliant. Amongst other improvements will be "responsive design." This means that it will appear correctly regardless of the kind of device you view it on.... tablet, large screen, iPhone, Android,desktop, etc. It will be much more useful and be easy to access all documents, meeting minutes, etc. It will have SSL encryption to avoid "not secure" warnings from browsers.


Rewiring of Vintage Trace Circle

The next section of Vintage Trace Circle is being rewired and includes the area from the RR crossing over to the gate house. Be careful when driving in this area for the next few weeks.


Nuthatch Lane Gate Access

There have been several instances of vehicles using the Nuthatch Lane entry and not waiting for the preceding vehicle to clear the gates before they pass in front of the barcode reader. 

This has caused the first barrier arm to reopen preventing the second barrier arm from opening. This delays both vehicles. Please adhere to the following procedure.


Aldi Opening

Aldi will open in late September or early October. However, before they can

open the curb cut access and egress from the property onto Rt 41 must be constructed. In addition, an 8-inch pipe will be placed under Vintage Trace Circle from the area behind the Aldi store to the culvert between 19243 & 19227 Vintage Trace Circle. Hopefully, the engineers can bore under VTC and connect to the culvert without having to open a 20-foot-wide path across Vintage Trace Circle. We'll have about a weeks' notice to let everyone know if a detour or a road closing will be necessary and for how long.

Ficus Hedge vs White Fly

The Ficus hedge surrounding the community is coming through the Summer without white fly infestation thanks to the persistent spraying of our pest control company. The growth has been thick and strong such that trimming will occur soon rather than in the early Fall.

Car Wash Outside our Gate

Clean Machine Car Wash will participate in a

Public Information Meeting on August 12, 2020 at 5:30 PM in the Village Hall Council Chamber. A dozen or more letters of objection have been written and will be read into the record by VTC and ECC members. Anyone can speak for 3 minutes or submit a letter to be read into the record. Contact President James Robinson, if you want to seak at the meeting.

Bridge Issues

brick bridge

There is some deterioration of the sidewalk, support and erosion around the bridge that crosses to Grand Palm, Fairway Bend and Southwind. Contractors will be bidding on the necessary work and the communities involved will likely share in the cost of repairs.

Pandemic Watch

Be on the lookout for some guidelines regarding your return to The Vines. Owners, renters, etc., may have to be concerned about sheltering in place or quarantining if the Pandemic continues for a few more months. More to come from both the VCA and the ECC.

Have a safe Summer.





The next VCA Board meeting is scheduled via teleconference on Monday August 24, 2020 @ 1PM. You'll receive the agenda and call in phone # a few days before the meeting. 



Finally, the Board and the VCA Community, owes a great big thank you to Gail McCracken for being our newsletter editor for the past five years. She's earned her retirement. Thank You Gail.



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