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Issue: # 102

September 29, 2020 







Architectural Requests

An update to the Architectural Guidelines has been approved and published. Be sure to review them before submitting your AR Forms.




An initial upgrade to the The VCA website is under review by the Community Relations committee. The current website was developed back in 2008 and has fallen behind new technology.  Look for the launch of our new website early into the new season.


Nuthatch Lane Gate Access



Aldi Opening

Aldi has finally received a development order to place the curb cut in to their store from Rt41. They also will complete the connection to the culvert on Vintage Trace Circle. These issues will take 4-6 weeks to complete. The store is scheduled to open in early November.


Car Wash Outside our Gate

Clean Machine Car Wash participated in a

Public Information Meeting on August 12, 2020. All VCA Communities presented their objections along with neighboring businesses. The Design Review Board explained that a tower on their building is nothing more than a billboard and is not acceptable to the Village. Also the noise level is a major stumbling block for Village acceptance. If they redesign the building and reduce the noise level then they can come back for another public hearing. As of this dater they have not responded.


Pandemic Watch

Be on the lookout for some new guidelines regarding your return to The Vines. The Covid-19 task force meets regularly to consider all options and will be issuing new guidelines for owners, renters, etc., . More to come from both the VCA and the ECC.






The next VCA Board meeting is scheduled via teleconference on Monday, October 26, 2020 @ 1PM. You'll receive the agenda and call in phone # a few days before the meeting. 



ECCL Monthly Report



The monthly Membership Meeting of the ECCL was held virtually on Friday, 9/11 at 10 am.


Chief Scott Vanderbrook of Estero Fire Rescue spoke of budget concerns. The millage will remain at 3.3%. 

Architectural & engineering services for Station 45, to serve those eastern developments out Corkscrew Rd have been contracted, with contract management and construction company to follow.


Drive-through Flu testing is not being done to safeguard first responders. If a gated community can guarantee 40 participants, a drive-through at that community may be scheduled.  Smoke detector replacement has been discontinued due to Covid concerns.


Ruth Watkins, of Calusa Waterkeepers, reviewed the history and current situation of the 193,000 acre watershed service area . She reviewed past development of the Outstanding Florida Waterway designation and specific indicators of water safety regarding fecal bacteria. Testing at several sites along the five tributaries is discouraging, with the counts of bacteria, measured in colonies per 100 milliliters well above what considered a significant health risk. More testing is needed to determine the sources of the bacterial load.

FGCU is actively working to determine the sources of human and wildlife contribution.


She encouraged communities to develop a policy pledge regarding run-off and offered

suggestions regarding disposal of pet waste, fertilizer usage and use of native vegetation.

There was discussion of toxic algae and its effect on neurological diseases such as ALS and Alzheimers. 


Pres. Jim Gilmartin discussed the Executive Management Team, announcing Allan Bowditch as Chief Communications Officer.


Mark Novitski   reviewed distribution of CARES Act funding, survey of potential uses for Estero on the river property, and development of a commercial database.


For more information go to and sign up for the ECCL newsletter.




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