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Issue: # 103

October 29, 2020 




Board meeting


 Board Report

At the October Board meeting the following actions were taken:

- Copeland Mgt has been contracted to restore the erosion on either side of the bridge leading to Fairway Bend, Southwind & Grand Palm. That work is almost complete. Copeland will also work on Lake Restoration around Lost Creek during the dry season in 2021.


- For safety & security new cameras have been installed around the gate access areas to provide greater & enhanced


The Front Gate Staff has been instructed to call Lee County Sheriffs Office (LCSO) and request a deputy to investigate any reports of vehicle speeding and accidents in The Vines. This will mean that we are now subject to the County enforcement system as well as our own rules and regulations. Please remember to follow all street signs and speed regulations and remain diligent for the safety of all.



- Wind issues with the fountain, bollard lights along Vintage Trace Circle and the installation of holiday lighting is being addressed on a timely basis by the Lighting & Landscape committees.


- The Architectural Review Committee has diligently, and on a timely basis, handled a multitude of requests. All of these are documented in the Boards monthly minutes which are available through Pegasus web portal. If you need access go to and sign in as an owner.


Nuthatch Lane Gate Access



Aldi has finally received a development order to place the curb cut in to their store from Rt41. 

They also will complete the connection to the culvert on Vintage Trace Circle starting Monday Nov 2, 2020 and will take about a week to complete.

So be careful as you come around by 19227 Vintage Trace Circle. You may want to avoid the area and come through the Nuthatch Lane Gate.

The store is scheduled to open in late November or early December.


Pandemic Watch

Be on the lookout for some new guidelines regarding your return to The Vines. The Covid-19 task force meets regularly to consider all options and will be issuing new guidelines for owners, renters, etc., . More to come from both the VCA and the ECC.






The next VCA Board meeting is scheduled on Monday, November 23, 2020 @ 1PM. Place to be determined. You'll receive the agenda and call in phone # a few days before the meeting. All are welcome to attend in person or via teleconference.



ECCL Monthly Report




The monthly Meeting of the ECCL was held virtually on Friday, October 9, 2020 at 10 am.

 Click Here to read a summary of the meeting.

For more information go to and sign up for the ECCL newsletter.




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