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Issue: # 104

November 25, 2020 





Board meeting


 Board Report

At the November Board meeting the following actions were taken:


- The Architectural Review Committee presented and the Board approved, significant changes to the AR Rules relating to roofing materials. The AR guidelines and updated forms can be accessed on the Pegasus web portal and through the VCA website  If you need access go to and sign in as an owner.


The VCA Budget for fiscal year 2021 was presented and approved. There will be a 2.5% increase in the annual dues. ($595. 00 from $580.00) effective Jan 1, 2021.


The Landscape committee reported that the

North Side of the ficus hedge has been infected by white fly due to heat and excessive rain. The area has been sprayed and the leaves should recover.

The annual holiday decorations and plantings are underway and will be retained until mid January.


The Safety & Security Committee wants to remind everyone that:

- Vendor/Contractor hours are:   Monday - Friday 7 AM -7 PM, Sat. 8 AM-5 PM. No work is to be performed on Sunday except for an emergency (A/C repair is allowed).

- Nuthatch Lane is for passenger vehicle use only. No pedestrians or bicycle are permitted through the gates.

- Walking, biking, skateboarding, etc. on Vintage Trace Circle is restricted to Residents & Renters within the Vines. Proper dress is required.

- The speed limit throughout the Community is 23 MPH and is being enforced by LCSO (Lee County Sherriff's Office.


Aldi Opens Wednesday December 16


FDOT is completing their work on RT 41 at the Aldi entrance and is scheduled for completion on December 4.


Pandemic Watch


Here are  some Pandemic Guidelines regarding your return to and leaving the The Vines from around the Country and the World. 

The VCA Board meets regularly with our property manager to consider all options and has issued new guidelines for owners, renters, etc. Be sure to read the Guidelines as highlighted above.


There are many venues throughout Lee County and in Estero for Covid 19 testing. The closest and most convenient is at Med Express at the corner of Estero Parkway and Rt 41 in the WalMart parking lot.





The next VCA Board meeting is scheduled on Monday, December 28, 2020 @ 1PM. Place to be determined. You'll receive the agenda and call in phone # a few days before the meeting. All are welcome to attend in person or via teleconference.



ECCL Monthly Report




The monthly Meeting of the ECCL was held virtually on Friday, November 13, 2020 at 10 am.

Jon McClain our District #3 Rep to the Village Council gave a detailed update to the transportation issues facing the Village in the near and long term.

 Click Here to read a summary of the meeting.


The Fourth Quarter Greater Estero Community Report covers some important information about Blue/Green Algae and Lee Health's approach to Covid Care. You can read the full report at and sign up for the ECCL newsletter.



Pegasus   239-454-8568 

Non-Emergency Police    239-477-1200

J. McClain (District #3 Village Council Representative) 

Hurricane Hotline   877-769-3272

Village of Estero


Volunteer/Voice your Opinion get involved with the Village



Sincerely, Judy & Barry Freedman for the Vines Community Association

Have a happy & safe Thanksgiving



The Vines Community Association