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Issue: # 89

May 30, 2019









Board meeting

At our June 25th VCA Meeting the Board will discuss whether there is a need for a community assessment to fund our Reserves due to Hurricane Irma expenses.



Throughout April the Village of Estero held meetings allowing


residents to speak out against using the RR tracks for a multi-use tract cutting through our property.  We have our lawyers reviewing further legalities concerning our property rights and writing letters to the State, County and Village representatives.


Hurricane FL

Please use the Hurricane Booklet passed out to all residents last year.  Do you have a plan?  Does someone know about your plan? Do you have a "go bag"?  Do you know our Evacuation zone?  Our Hurricane Hotline number is:  877-769-3272.   DO NOT CALL THE COUNTRY CLUB! 


The booklet is available for download on the VCA website.  (Click "website" at bottom of this page.)   Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is May 31 thru June 6th.   Buy supplies then and save sales tax.


Weekend hours for Lee Memorial Primary Care and pharmacy at Coconut Point are 7am to 7pm on Saturdays & Sundays.  The lab/draw station, emergency and respiratory care departments are manned 24/7.  Weekend hours are also available for Xray and CT scans.







VCA had Solution Lake Management come out and report on the algae in our lakes and the fact that it is clogging our fountain.  While Solution does not think lakes are that bad we have requested they look into nano bubbler technology and provide a report.  A committee has been formed to oversee the lake management company.


Several lake bids have been received and are undergoing evaluation by the VCA.  Future townhall meetings will be scheduled to review the proposals and recommendations with our entire community when alternatives and plans have been developed for your consideration.


On-going repairs are happening along VTC - new wiring for the

under construction

  bollard lights and fence repairs from Belle Lago gate thru the Reserve corner.



gate arm

Nuthatch Lane gate repairs will be completed in June according to our supplier.  It has been suggested by a resident that we keep the old gates and have them repaired by another company in case this happens again.  We are investigating feasibility of this suggestion.



"Thought you were signed up to vote by mail but did not receive a ballot for the recent Estero Village Council election?"


Reason is requests for vote by mail expire.  Number of Estero residents voting by mail in November 2018 election was 10,688.  Lee County Supervisor of Elections only mailed 3,819 ballots for the March Estero election.  Over 7,000 vote by mail requests EXPIRED!


The next election is in 2020 but the time to sign up is now to receive primary and general election ballots. 

Visit the elections website @

where you may print the form and mail it in.  MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS!



Pegasus   239-454-8568 

Non-Emergency police    239-477-1200

J. McClain (Village representative)  239-221-5035
Hurricane Hotline   877-769-3272

Village of Estero,


Volunteer/Voice your Opinion about Village of Estero: 






Gail McCracken, Editor











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