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Issue: # 90

June 29, 2019









VCA is holding a Hurricane preparedness Seminar in the Presidents Room at ECC on Wednesday, July 24th @ 6:00 pm.   We urge everyone to attend.  Contact Judy Freedman if you plan to attend: or 254-534-3579


Hurricane FL

Hurricane booklets are currently at Publix and VCA handbook that was delivered to every household last year is on VCA website for reference.  Our Hurricane Hotline number is:  877-769-3272.   DO NOT CALL THE COUNTRY CLUB! 


Currently our Budget is holding but concerns about our low reserves was raised and discussed at our last VCA meeting.  The Board is investigating feasibility of obtaining a $200K "line of credit" to be used only in case of emergency.  Our Fall project is to comprehensively review all budget line items to uncover possible savings opportunities that would not adversely affect the appearance of our community.  After this review a final decision will be made regarding the necessity for an assessment.


THERE WILL BE NO VCA MEETING IN JULY.  Next meeting will be on Monday, August 26th at 9:00 am at ECC.  If you have any concerns please contact Pegasus or your Community Representative.







Solution Lake Management returned to site in June. Regional Manager reported that while the lakes and algae have improved they still need work to kill off the weeds that promote algae.  He also reviewed the lake study which provides information on the nutrient levels and type.  This information will help them better service our lakes.   


We were also advised to avoid having any grass clippings deposited into the lakes.   Letters have gone out to all landscape vendors servicing the community advising them to dispose of grass clippings away from the lakes and banks.  Your cooperation with this request is most appreciated.


Clean up of the overgrowth in Mullet Creek has begun.  Our output water flow should improve during heavy rain.  



Pegasus   239-454-8568 

Non-Emergency police    239-477-1200

J. McClain (Village representative)  239-221-5035
Hurricane Hotline   877-769-3272

Village of Estero,


Volunteer/Voice your Opinion about Village of Estero: 






Gail McCracken, Editor













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