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Issue: # 93

November 6, 2019









Your VCA Board members work many long hours in order to manage the responsibilities and projects that keep our community safe and beautiful.  The Board greatly appreciates the residents that attend our board meetings to provide ideas and feedback regarding the community.


Lakeside View

The VCA Board is currently investigating the quality of the lake waters on an on-going basis.  Additional testing is being done by our vendor, Solitude Water Management. 


Hopefully a plan can be put in place to eliminate the on-going algae problems.  The weir is operating as it should and will not be altered at this time.   PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE WEIR with any type of materials.  Doing so may result in fines being charged.


road construction

Lee County has finally approved landscaping budget for repairs near the lift station.  The hedge is in and gate is ready for painting.  Within the next year hedge should be high enough to hide lift station.  We are also "lacing" the back ficus hedge to fill in bare spots affected by white fly and under stress.  This has been successful with front areas that we have treated.  We treat the hedges 4 times per year for white fly and retreat if we have an infestation.


Over next several weeks VCA is repairing two (2) sections of chain link fencing, pressure washing the street gutters, painting all the pavement signage, and repairing curbs.  Tree and hedge trimming should be completed soon.  Christmas lights are installed and will be turned on Thanksgiving Eve.







Lets welcome our northern neighbors back to sunny Florida and also give them a break - - - SLOW DOWN, we have lots of traffic and pedestrians using our roads! 








Gail McCracken, Editor



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Non-Emergency police    239-477-1200

J. McClain (Village representative)  239-221-5035
Hurricane Hotline   877-769-3272

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