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Issue: # 96

March 2, 2020 









Two residents (Gloria Beck and Barry Freedman) are running for Vintage Trace rep to fill one vacancy.  Vintage Trace residents should submit their ballots/votes to Pegasus as soon as possible.  The All Member Meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2020 @ 11am.


Lakeside View

Our lake management company, Solitude, has attended all our recent meetings.  The lakes are improving and we will be adding more fish to the lakes.  Aggressive alligators will be removed by TJ and/or Pegasus.  Currently we have 3 in the lakes.  Please be aware of your surroundings when walking your dog, fishing or playing golf.  Contact TJ or Pegasus if you observe an aggressive alligator or feel threatened.  


Lee County relined the manhole near the lift station.  The county has

been out several times responding to complaints of odors, but did not find this to be happening.  If you smell unusual odors contact Pegasus or your VCA rep with the day and time this was experienced.






There is STILL a lot of speeding going on.  Three (3) accidents this year and we are thankful no one was hurt!  VCA is researching hiring a private firm to ticket individuals, or a traffic control machine to take pictures and send tickets to the persons causing the infractions.


Please remind your vendors that there is NO PARKING along the outer edge of grass along Vintage Trace Circle.  This also applies to all cars and golf carts.  THIS damages the sprinkler heads and causes flooding in the streets and additional expenses for repair to the VCA.


The Nuthatch entry gate is closed due to card reader going out.  A new one has been ordered at a cost of $9,000 and old one will be repaired as a back-up.





Lee County Ordinance requires that Pet owners should always keep their dogs leashed and are always responsible for cleaning up after their pets!!


No one has responsibility for cleaning up after your dog but YOU! 

Carry a plastic bag with you on ALL WALKS.  Animal waste causes disease, is disgusting and an insult  to your neighbors.


Keeping your dog leashed controls their interaction with other residents and animals.  No one should be afraid to walk, run, bike or walk their pet in our community.  We all love our pets.  BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER!





Gail McCracken, Editor



Pegasus   239-454-8568 

Non-Emergency police    239-477-1200

J. McClain (Village representative)  239-221-5035
Hurricane Hotline   877-769-3272

Village of Estero,


Volunteer/Voice your Opinion about Village of Estero: 











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