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Issue: # 99

June 18, 2020 






Board meeting

 VCA BOARD MEETING - via teleconference Monday, June 22, 2020 @ 1:00 pm.   Your input is encouraged.  Due to pandemic the Board meets via teleconference.  To attend simply dial 712-775-7031.  When prompted enter 981363#.  Announce yourself and place your phone on MUTE until asked for your participation.


VCA COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP - we have received several applications for the various committees.  The Board will review and be in touch with you on your committee assignment.  Thank you for the many submissions.  Input from interested and committed owners will assure that our work meets community objectives.  



HEADED NORTH? - Summer means your Vines property will be exposed to summer weather.  Do you have a "house watch"; are your windows protected from flying debris during the next hurricane.  A complete listing of things to do to protect your property can be found @ by clicking on "how to prepare for hurricane season".  Finally your community hurricane representative can be contacted in case of emergency.   






eye ball



Our property manager, Pegasus,  is off site and  visits the property periodically for many reasons.  But they cannot see everything.  It's everyone's responsibility to speak up when something doesn't seem just right.   Whether its a light out, tattered flag, improper driving, etc in your community, the perimeter road, or entry we need your eyes to let us know your concerns.  Please contact Pegasus by phone or email at anytime.


Grocery openings - Sprouts opened June 3 across from Walmart. Aldi is scheduled to open in August.  An 8 foot wall on top of a 3 foot berm is under construction along the east end of the property along VTC.



Clean Machine Car Wash Site Plan -   Clean Machine has submitted a proposed site plan to build a self-service car wash @ corner of Vintage Parkway & US Rt 41 in front of Tyson Eye.   


The VCA Board has solicited and received letters of objection to this kind of business on that site from every Vines Community, Tyson Eye, Estero Council of Community Leaders and Estero Country Club.  These strong letters of objection will be presented to the Village of Estero Design Review Board if and when the company submits a development order to the Village.   


There may also be a public information meeting at which time all residents, community leaders, businesses, etc would have an opportunity to voice their objections directly to Village leadership.  The VCA is following any and all developments on the property at the front of our entrance and will keep you informed when there is activity to be considered. 





Gail McCracken, Editor



Pegasus   239-454-8568 

Non-Emergency police    239-477-1200

J. McClain (Village representative)  239-221-5035
Hurricane Hotline   877-769-3272

Village of Estero,


Volunteer/Voice your Opinion about Village of Estero: 











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