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We are strongly opposed to the bicycle and walking path routes along the railroad right of way as shown in Alternatives 1 & 2.   These routes will pass through the center of our gated community, The Vines, dividing both the roadway and the golf course.  Bisecting our community with this path would negate the security benefits of being a gated community and create an extreme hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, including golf carts.

There is only one major road inside our community and the majority of homeowners, vendors and all Estero Country Club visitors must cross the railroad tracks to enter and exit the community.  In addition, all golf carts cross the tracks twice during each round.

While the concept of using the railroad right of way is appealing, a route that does not bisect our community must be found to gain our support. Therefore, the only currently proposed route that we can support is Alternative 3.

Routes of Proposed Bicycle and Walking Path to Bisect the Vines

The Village of Estero in conjunction with Lee and Collier counties has proposed a bicycle and walking path to follow or replace the railroad tracks that bisect The Vines. This route would negate the security benefits of living in a gated community as well as create a hazard for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Below is a link to the Lee/Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization presentation showing 3 alternative routes. Alternatives 1 & 2 follow the railroad tracks through The Vines. Alternative 3 would not impact our community. 

At the bottom of this presentation is a questionnaire that allows you to submit your route preference. For Alternatives 1 & 2 please select 3-least important (the far right check box), for Alternative 3 please select 1-most important (far left check box). In addition, please type “I object to Alternatives 1 & 2 because they bisect my gated community” in the comment box. 

In addition, please sign the Petition at the top of the page and complete the contact information to advise the Village Council of our objection. You must complete the contact information and verify your email address for your objection to be counted.