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Architectural Review

Richard Knox, Chair
Dan Lawrence
John Sotobeer

The ARC is responsible for maintaining the “architectural integrity” of the Vines Community in that there are no violations of VCA regulations as it pertains to current mailbox regulations, landscaping, remodeling and renovations on the exterior property and to maintain Vintage Trace Circle Roadway. The ARC will respond in a timely manner and expedite as quickly as possible any ARC requests received from Pegasus Property Management Co. and to communicate their decision back to Pegasus. The objective of the ARC is to enable  the property owner(s) to  be able to proceed promptly and correctly within the rules and regulations of the VCA.

Budget & Finance

John Towey


  1. As outlined on page 13, paragraphs 5.4 and 5.5 of the Amended and Restated By-Laws of the Vines Community Association. Because the Association contracts with a professional management company these duties are primarily as oversight in nature.
  2.  Assure that notices of all Board and member meeting are properly posted
  3. Review and approve all meeting minutes of the Board and of the members for completeness and accuracy.
  4. Assure that meeting minutes are posted to the Associations website.
  5. Review all financial documents provided by the management company for their accuracy and completeness.
  6. Apprise the Board of any anomalies in the financial performance of the association.
  7. Apprise the Board of delinquencies in member payments of funds due and owing.
  8.  Assure that all amounts due to suppliers, vendors, etc. are paid in a timely manner
  9. Serve as a signee on all checks drawn on Association accounts.
  10. Provide for the creation of any special financial information as requested by the Board.


  1. Prepare and present for Board approval an operating budget for fiscal year, soliciting input from the various committees as well as soliciting quotations for services from the various providers.
  2. Update and revise the Long Range Planning document and present to the Board for review, adjustment and approval. Include in this review a discussion of the need for Restricted Reserves as part of our annual budget


James Robinson, Chairman
Norm Berger
Tom Hochworter

Community Relations

Mike Johnson, Chair
William Feeney
Kay Combs
Marty Shepardson

This committee will make residents aware of activities or events both within and outside our perimeter, which have the potential to directly or indirectly impact on the Vines Community.

These activities/events could include road updates, Wal Mart timetables, scheduling and agendas of various Estero meetings, emergency weather bulletins and other pertinent community information.

Ideally, this communication will be a two way street where residents gain information and are allowed to share questions and thoughts about these events.

To be effective these communications must be pertinent, timely and meaningful. Towards this end we will utilize E-mail as the primary avenue to communicate and bulletin boards as a back up.

Communications shall originate within the committee, be transmitted to the full board for approval. The president of the VCA will then transmit to Pegasus for e-mail and bulletin board postings.


Bob Dumont, Chairman
James Robinson


Lake Bank Study

Bobbie Dumont, Chairman
James Robinson



Linda Chain, Chair


  1. To strive to improve appearance of the landscaping for the enjoyment of our members and guests along with improving “curb appeal” and property values.
  2. To supervise the work of our landscape contractors regarding plantings (of flowers, bushes, and trees) and proper timing of maintenance such as mowing, trimming, pruning, and application of pesticides.
  3. Develop a long term overall plan or design for landscaping at The Vines including landscaping site and possible new or improved amenities. 

Roadway Lighting

Bob Dumont, Chairman
James Robinson


  1. Maintenance of all current lights along Vintage Trace and the front entrance and to make sure the lights are all working properly.
  2. Consider options for possible replacement or updating of current lights to
    improve their function and aesthetic appeal which in turn will improve property values.
  3. Schedule and monitor Christmas decorating and lighting


Safety & Security

Chip Strapp, Chairman
Freeman Mast
Steve Rice

Working with the neighborhoods within the Vines community to develop standard procedures for property owners with regards to gate access and procedures for leasing, rental and unattended guests.

Coordinate with the Community Relations Committee on the security procedures for the proposed access gate via the Wal-Mart property.